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Web-Based Help for Small Business

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The Big, Web-Based Help Small Businesses Need to Propel Themselves to the Next Level

Small businesses offer their own unique benefits such as the ability to adapt quickly to changing customer needs, enhanced and personalized service, and a uniqueness that sets them apart from competition both big and small. However, a smaller company means fewer hands on deck, which is where outsourcing becomes a necessity.

You might think it’s a sign of defeat, but outsourcing enables you to boost efficiency, jumpstart new projects quickly, and make better use of your limited resources. So, with this in mind, here are a few web-based areas you should consider outsourcing.

Enhance Your Website

A website is important for all businesses, especially a small one seeking to put down roots and build a solid reputation. Customers tend to Google you online (and read reviews) before shopping, which is why your website’s first impression counts. If your website looks like it was created 20 years ago or you don’t even have one, that’s a surefire way to lose business. A web developer and designer like Impact Creative Media can make your web presence stand out and draw in more customers by creating an attractive, easy-to-use website.

Make Your Brand Pop

Your website sets you apart from the crowd, but your overall image counts, too. This is where a graphic designer comes in handy. As puts it, “An effective graphic designer is media savvy and able to build an image brand that evolves with consumer preferences,” in addition to refreshing projects. Mind you graphic designers do much more than create a sleek logo – they create graphics for your website, social media, and blog using their own designs and digital photography. They can take your vision and brand and create an image that reflects just that. Since this will likely be a short-term project, consider hiring a freelancer instead of a longer-term, full-time employee. You can use freelance job sites to access freelancer reviews and fulfill your staffing needs for graphic design and any other projects.

Get a Recorder

No, you shouldn’t buy one of those musical recorders your parents immediately regretted signing off for in school; instead, a voice recorder is a good idea. Why might you need one? You can use it to transcribe or record meetings, conferences, and interviews, dictate letters, and instantly jot down a new idea without it becoming lost in a sea of sticky notes, all of which save time. However, carrying around a recorder might not be ideal, so outsource to an online voice recording website (yes, such sites exist). Being able to edit your recordings is a huge perk that comes with an online voice recorder.

Improve Customer Service Experience

Stellar, personalized customer service is one of the big reasons consumers shop small businesses, and it’s crucial. Groove explains that “[i]t’s often the only direct contact a customer has with your company,” and such a limited interaction is truly a make or break scenario when it comes to forming relationships and the overall success of your company. It helps you build loyalty, attract (and keep) customers, as well as generate positive publicity. In a nutshell, it’s a large task that requires constant time and attention — something you don’t have a lot of. A help desk is a must-have because it gives customers a place to contact you and search for answers to their problems. A good help desk lets you respond to customers via live chat, text messaging, and phone calls, and features a ticketing system to help you manage customer inquiries more efficiently.

Being a small business is great, but it sure would be great if there were more hands on deck. Rather than burn out, take advantage of the tools available to you. Don’t be afraid to outsource, as it could be what takes your business to the next level.

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Based in Omaha, NE | Serving Clients Nationwide

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